Our Products

We love what we do, especially planting! We are committed to supplying high quality products starting from seeds supply to transplanting them, nursery crops to harvesting them, supplying gardening tools to pest control solutions. The following are Palekar’s current offerings.

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Garder Tools

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Garden Plants


Ceramic Pots

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Plant Pots

Have a Glance at Palekar’s

Palekar & Co – is a family owned business and founded by Late Mr. V.G. Palekar in 1871. Palekar & Co. is the oldest and one of the largest garden & agro center, plant nurseries, native seed producer and supplier in Mumbai. We at Palekar & Co. Sell various species of both seeds and plant materials with something for every plant lover. We believe in value for money service and provide potent solutions with proven results.


Lets Make your Garden look Beautiful

We’re here to help you and answer any questions you might have. We can help you start your Greenlife cultivation.